Special Awards


AHRMA-NE-LOGO-71.jpg    Vintage and Post Vintage MX, XC, Trials

Every year AHRMA Northeast combines our annual year end banquet with AHRMA North Atlantic in York, PA.  One of the benefits of holding this event in York is that it is held the night before the Famous York Vintage Swapmeet at the York Fairgrounds.

Champions in each class receive their #1 Plates and Jackets at the banquet in recognition of their accomplishments on the track..

Beginning in 2010 we started awarding some of our members with the AHRMA Northeast Special Awards. These fun awards are given out to members that have had “special accomplishments” during the year.

Here are some of the AHRMA Northeast Special Awards.  Each award can be seen in a larger window by clicking on it.


2010 AHRMA Longevity Award #2 (2)          2010 AHRMA Diplomacy Award (2)          2010 AHRMA Tough Guy Award (2)          2010 AHRMA Billy 6c Award (2)



2011 AHRMA Overworked Award (2)          2011 AHRMA Tough Guy Award (2)          2011 AHRMA Greek God Award (2)          2011 AHRMA Turtle Award (2)



2012 AHRMA (Honorary) Mechanic Award (2)          2012 AHRMA Maintenance Award (2)          2012 AHRMA Killed Scottie Award (2)          2012 AHRMA Mechanic Award (2)          2012 AHRMA Photogenic Award (2)


2013 Awards

2013 AHRMA Father Time Award          2013 AHRMA Dora Award          2013 AHRMA Dinosaur Award


2014 Awards 

2014 AHRMA Scud Missile Award          2014 AHRMA George of the Jungle Award          2014 AHRMA Barney Award


2015 Awards

2015 AHRMA George of the Jungle Award 2015 AHRMA Mr Know it All Award 2015 AHRMA Pharrell Hat Award 2015 Cool Bike Award 2 2015 Cool Bike Award