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This page is for photos of AHRMA Northeast racers.  You can picture yourself on the track and on this page!

Sarah Lane AboutmephotoFor photos from AHRMA Northeast Events contact Sarah Lane, AHRMA Northeast Official Photographer.  Sarah Lane 

Check out the great video of Irish Valley 2015 by Masahide Akai at

Diane Kent took these great photos at Cohocton 2015!  I apologize in advance for the abundance of attention paid to our Vermont and Massachusetts group.  It’s fun when the wives come to the races!

“The Meakstar”  has some great photos from Allen’s Farm 2014.  Follow this link to Google Plus to see them – View or comment on TheMeakstar’s album »

Here are some of Alex Moroz’s photos from Logan’s Farm 2014.  Alex makes every event a Party!Logan's 1Logan's 2Logan's 3 Logan's 4 Logan's 5 Logan's 6 Logan's 7 Logan's 8Logan's 9 Logan's 10

Click on the following links to see great photos and videos by Masahide Akai from Irish Valley on April 26- 27, 2014

merritt_getting_some_air (2)          Bear Creek 13          Unadilla Marc          Jay-6597 (2)          Bob Close (2)          Scotty 3          Calvmx 606_#61 (2)          Explorer Hancock 08 sm          Hancock Race 08 168 (4)          Kevin trials          Scotty 5

Click here to see Dave Meakem’s    Davis Land 2012 137          Davis Land 2012 057
awesome photos from Davis Land 9/30/2012  

Photos are up on Paul Buckley’s website from Unadilla Rewind 2013            

Dave Meakem has submitted a link to his photos from Allen’s Farm 6/30/2013.  Click here to see them.

Here are photos by Jim Sanderson from Bear Creek Blast AHRMA BC Blast 09-01-2013-3834 AHRMA BC Blast 09-01-2013-3836 AHRMA BC Blast 09-01-2013-3843 AHRMA BC Blast 09-01-2013-3844 AHRMA BC Blast 09-01-2013-3851 AHRMA BC Blast 09-01-2013-3855 AHRMA BC Blast 09-01-2013-3857 AHRMA BC Blast 09-01-2013-3862 AHRMA BC Blast 09-01-2013-3936 AHRMA BC Blast 09-01-2013-3943 AHRMA BC Blast 09-01-2013-3969 AHRMA BC Blast 09-01-2013-3972AAHRMA BC Blast 09-01-2013-3987 AAHRMA BC Blast 09-01-2013-4008 AAHRMA BC Blast 09-01-2013-4011