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The 2013 ISDT Reunion Ride and Legends’ Backroad Tour

 The International Six Day Trial (now known as the ISDE) is the oldest off-road event on the FIM calendar, starting in 1913, and is the premier motorcycle endurance competition in the world. After 60 years of being held in Europe, the event came to the USA for the first time in 1973 to our backyard in Dalton, MA. This year will represent the 100th Anniversary of the ISDT and the 40th Anniversary of that first ISDT in America.

The ISDT Reunion Ride began back in 1997 the brainchild of Leroy Winters and Dick Mann.  It was conceived as a way for riders that rode in the ISDT in 1973 to get together.  The event has become an annual affair open to general ridership on vintage motorcycles; however ISDT/DE Vets may ride modern bikes if they so choose.  On August 24-25, 2013 the ISDT RR will return to Massachusetts honoring the 40th anniversary of the first time the ISDT was held in the USA, and using many of the same trails that were used in 1973.  The ISDT RR will be based at Jim Hoellerich’s farm and Trail Bike Museum in Cheshire, MA as was the 30th anniversary ride in 2003.  The significance of this event is highlighted by the fact that the State Of Massachusetts is opening access to State Park trails for the ISDT RR that are normally closed to motor vehicle use.

The format of the event has been loosely based on the format of the ISDT with consideration given to the fact that it involves old guys on old bikes.  It is a two day AHRMA sanctioned XC competition event held on trails and back roads with timed special tests along the route, culminating in a grass track MX at the end of day two.   The bikes are impounded before the ride and between the first and second day in the Parc Ferme.

Over the past few years it has become evident that many of the ISDT Vets have reached a point in their lives where they no longer wish to participate in an actual competition, but still would like to attend, ride, and bench race with the other riders.  In light of this, beginning in 2013 the event will be expanded to include three levels of rider participation.

The first and primary level of rider participation is the actual AHRMA ISDT style competition as it has been structured for the past several years.  A new and second level of participation at this year’s event will be a non-competitive trail ride leaving after the competition riders using the same trails as the competition with some bypasses of the more difficult sections. The Pathfinders M/C will be hosting this event under a NETRA sanction as they did so successfully in 2003.

The third level of participation at this year’s event will be the “Legends’ Backroad Tour” hosted in a collaborative effort by the State Line Riders M/C.  Several of the older Vets have expressed a desire to ride a back roads tour that would lead them to spectator points on the trails, as well as regional points of geographic or historical interest.  It will be a two day sanctioned ride of roughly 40-50 miles each day, starting after the competitors have left the Parc Ferme and returning before the grass track MX special tests.  Riders may choose to ride one or both days.  The routes may include back roads and dirt roads but no trails, and will include a lunch stop both days.  Many top name Off-road Legends have expressed interest in participating in this ride, and it will be open to other riders that would like to ride with the Legends.  In the flavor of the overall event participants will be encouraged to ride vintage motorcycles, and ISDT/DE Vets may opt to ride modern bikes.  Because public roads will be used, bikes will need to be street legal and registered.

There are other exciting aspects planned for this historical event including Jim Hoellerich’s Museum, a 1973 era vintage ISDT bike display, and the traditional banquet on Saturday night.

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